Our latest experiments, endeavours and friday-afternoon coding.
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Frictionless integration between Google Drive and Slack

We work a lot with Google Drive and Slack, and we need a way to notify the team when changes are made on shared documents. Since existing tools seems to handle just a subset of the required notifications, we built a service able to detect when new documents are created or when existing ones are shared, modified or deleted.

To implement this our service polls Google Drive change stream for an account and posts relevant notices to the chosen Slack channel. A grace period will ensure that the channel will not be flooded with useless information.

If you want to see the code or deploy your own instance, you can find everything on our GitHub repository.

process 2


An homage to one of the best web comics, xkcd

Our own take on a visual, client-side, xkcd-style password generator, using web crypto APIs to select random words. Passwords are not limited to English, you can choose between different languages!

A Google image search will show the first image for each word, to make the password even more memorable. You can choose not to share your password with Google if you plan to use it somewhere :)

Please note that dictionaries have not been sanitized, so passwords may contain swear words or juxtapositions that may make them offensive or not safe for work.

To generate a new password, go to password.optionfactory.net


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