Choice over Chance

Software development the way it was always meant to be

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Claudio Sabia

I have been in the ICT Security field for 10+ years, starting as a developer. In the last years I’ve been the CTO for an important security company in Italy, working for blue chip Italian clients, mainly in the Telco and Finance markets. I managed more than 70 people distributed across consultancy services and software development projects, applying agile and lean methodologies both in our organization and with customers. I have now created OptionFactory, a new company totally devoted to applying the lean approach in every aspect of work, helping our Clients take control of their software projects and become aware of the choices they make.

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Francesco Degrassi

I am a software developer with more than 10 years of experience in the ICT security field, building complex, enterprise-level applications in diverse domains. I’ve been active on Lean Software Development and agile methodologies for several years now, applying them in our group, involving coworkers, upper management and clients in a continuous improvement path. I'm now working with OptionFactory, delivering valuable software faster and helping other companies do the same.

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Davide Salvador

Senior Developer and IT Project Manager with 10+ year experience in public and private sectors. Expert in communication facilitation and user requirements analysis, applying lean and agile software development principles throughout the project lifecycle.